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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why the Dem's should oppose Miers

Maybe she's not qualified. Maybe her pick is more Bush cronyism, putting his unqualified friends into positions of power as insider policitical payoffs. While all that is more than enough reason for anyone to oppose Bush's Supreme Court Nominee Miers, more important is who else is backing Miers and why. Here is a short article from Robert Novak's column at http://townhall.com/opinion/column/robertnovak/2005/10/15/171467.html

" In choosing Kenneth Starr to vouch for the social conservative credentials of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, Dr. James Dobson picked a man who 24 years ago as a Justice Department official did the same for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Former Whitewater prosecutor Starr, now law school dean of Pepperdine University, appeared on conservative activist Dobson's radio program Wednesday. Starr called Miers "a very, very strong Christian [who] should be a source of great comfort and assistance to people in the households of faith around the country." In 1981, Starr advised President Ronald Reagan of O'Connor's pro-life stance and ignored her pro-choice record in the Arizona Senate.

The talk with Starr on Wednesday's program was overshadowed by a long segment in which Dobson denied receiving inside information from the White House about where Miers stands on Roe v. Wade."

Dr. Dobson is a famous rascist, sexist, homophobe. His 'Christianity" is similar to the Taliban's view of Islam. It is extreme to say the least. He is the man who led the charge against a video featuring Big Bird and Sponge Bob promoting tolerance as promoting the 'Gay' agenda. He complains that the video supposedly teaching "tolerance and diversity" instead promoted "incomprehensible references to adult perverse sexuality"

This is a man who longs for the 'good old days' when women couldn't vote, our white children did not have to attend school or live near the 'colords' , interracial marriage was illegal, not to even mention 'gay' marriage. And of course, civil rights applied only as a strict constitutional constructionist would apply them - to white, land owning men. We are one step closer to returning to these days with Judge Roberts. Crony Miers will deliver us to that land of milktoast and honey. We need to stop her nomination now.


Blogger Nick said...

Seriously, she's never even been a judge. Leave it to an unqualified boss to pick unqualified employees.

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