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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Stop the Smoking Ban

Initiative 901 SEEMS like a good thing - ban smoking inside of bars to protect the health of bartenders and wait staff. I don't smoke, don't like that other people do, and believe the science that says second hand smoke kills. And while I think the government has some reason to ban smoking inside, INITIATIVE 901 goes to far. It also bans smoking "within 25 feet from entrances, exits, windows that open, or ventilation intakes...".

So, bars like the War Room or Linda's will not be allowed to let people smoke on their deck. If you want to smoke outside the Baltic Room, you will have to walk up or down the block to make sure you get 25' away from any entrance or exit, window etc. That could mean across the street in the parking lot. If you work downtown and want to take a smoke break, better stand in the middle of the street because there is an entrance or exit about every 5'.

It is sad that the people who wrote 901 would have to be such extremists and ruin an otherwise good initiative. I'm afraid these people don't just want to do away with the annoying and unhealthy smoke inside bars and restaurants. They want to control every aspect of people's health wherever they are. This is more of the politics of fanatics and zealots.

The supporters of 901 should go back to the drawing board and craft this initiative without the 25' foot rule in section 6. They should hold back on their desire to use the government to enforce their health standards on everyone everywhere and be happy with just banning smoking inside all public places. From Iraq to the Monorail, from Rush Limbaugh to Louis Farrakhan, from smoking bans to pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions, I am tired with the politics of zealots. Time for moderate, reasonable laws and politics!

Please vote against initiative 901. Make the Anti-Smoking folks present us with a law that is reasonable.


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