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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Seattle is famous, and I am embarrased by our Mayor and City Council!

Seattle made news around the world today - over 301 papers. For what? Our progressive solutions to environmental issues, a new transportation system, some proposal that promotes our great music or arts scenes? NOPE. That would actually show leadership by our politicians, and might make us look like Portland, now the jewel of the Northwest - an up & coming city with a transportation plan and....yes, STRIP CLUBS.
Read all about us at the following link. Look, we're world famous!
I am embarrassed to be living in Seattle today. I thought our Mayor and Council were joking when they proposed amendments effectively banning strip clubs. I mean, it seems there are real issues to worry about. But no, let's take on STRIP CLUBS. Because, you know, the other cities people want to move to and live in don't have them right? Like Austin, Portland, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam. Oh wait, that's right, we don't want to be like THOSE cities, my god, they have strip clubs! We are busy studying how the great cities like Fresno and Federal Way handle things.
Where is the freaking vision in the city?? Where is the political spine and will of our electeds?
To you politicians who support this ban - it SUCKS!! You should be embarrassed! We elected you to provide real solutions to real problems and make our lives better. I know all of you, and appreciate a lot of the good work you do, but what the hell!?!? What are you doing, spending your time banning dancers? Where are you going to stop? Are you going to ban drinking in Seattle? Bring back the Teen Dance Ordinance? Ban porn at 7-11? This law is right wing christian nannyism. You are acting like prudes, and not just prudes, but prudes who want to use the government to enforce your prudishness on everyone else. Move to Lynden already, it's more your speed!
This sucks, sucks, sucks. You could regulate strip clubs with all sorts of ordinances, create zones for such things, be a real city with real diversity. Are these things too difficult to think about?
The ghosts of Margaret Pageler, Mark Sidran and Pat Robertson live in Seattle's City Hall this week. I thought we elected smart progressives to do great things. Guess I missed something.


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Preach on, brotha. Preach on.

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