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Sunday, October 09, 2005

New Study: Religion is bad for Society

This story seems to have slipped by the American press, as many do. As someone who grew up in a fundamentalist home, school and now lives in a country controlled by religious nuts, I think this story is interesting and should be out there as much as possible. According to a new study Regligious belief is actually damaging to society. Check out the full story here - http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-1798944,00.html

Some highlights:

"RELIGIOUS belief can cause damage to a society, contributing towards high murder rates, abortion, sexual promiscuity and suicide, according to research published today."

"Many liberal Christians and believers of other faiths hold that religious belief is socially beneficial, believing that it helps to lower rates of violent crime, murder, suicide, sexual promiscuity and abortion. The benefits of religious belief to a society have been described as its “spiritual capital”. But the study claims that the devotion of many in the US may actually contribute to its ills."

"The study concluded that the US was the world’s only prosperous democracy where murder rates were still high, and that the least devout nations were the least dysfunctional. Mr Paul said that rates of gonorrhoea in adolescents in the US were up to 300 times higher than in less devout democratic countries. The US also suffered from “ uniquely high” adolescent and adult syphilis infection rates, and adolescent abortion rates, the study suggested."

“The non-religious, proevolution democracies contradict the dictum that a society cannot enjoy good conditions unless most citizens ardently believe in a moral creator.

“The widely held fear that a Godless citizenry must experience societal disaster is therefore refuted.”

So there's the facts. Most religous folks will argue that Religion helps to regulate our conduct and behaviour in society by providing a set of morals and a value-system for human existence, without which humans would be morally ruddeless. Religion guides our actions in life, putting a check on criminal tendency in human nature.


Blogger Nick said...

I enjoyed the article. Anyone can see that the Bible, in reality, has little to no effect on current Church leaders, what with all the molestation. Still, they're allowed to hide behind the very same book whose teachings they themselves do not follow. No one is holding them accountable, while they sit there and point the finger at things like the "liberal media," abortion, and homosexuality. --Nick

2:32 PM

Anonymous Stef said...

Very interesting article. It seems to me that the problem is not that religion itself is inherently bad, but that people are prone to take it to the extreme, which tends to cause more chaos in the long run. It is unfortunate that something that has the potential to be a positive force in someone's life can turn around and be far more damaging.

I think the real problem here, however, is that society, as a whole, does not contain the intellectual capacity to handle religion in a socially beneficial manner. We need to start handing out permits for this sort of thing.

4:19 PM


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