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Monday, February 28, 2005

No More Money for Millionaires

I love the Sonics I watch almost every game. But giving them more of our money is offensive even to a fan like myself. Plain and simple, at a time where our City and State are in a financial crisis, we need to stop giving public money to millionaires.

Please tell the People in the State Legislator to vote NO on House Bill 2209. This is OUR money. NBA players average over $4 million per year. Sonics owner Howard Schultz is worth around $700 million. Because of a bad business plan the Sonics made a few years ago, Seattle is losing $7 million a year on Key Arena. This is after Washington State taxpayers spent $80 million on 'fixing' Key Arena at the Sonics request. Because of their poor planning, the Sonics now want more of your money, in part to build a 40,000-square-foot basketball practice facility. A practice facility ...because they NEED a nicer weight room?!

Say NO to welfare for professional sports. OR, if we do give them money, demand the State receive partial ownership of the team. Then the team can never threaten to leave and when it does make money we can re-invest the money into the local community.

To see how hard it is to survive as a Sonics player, check out this article in the Seattle Times on the player's tricked out Hummers, Mercedes and Escalades. Poor boys need new showers too.


For some perspective, check out how Seattle has to close down schools because of lack of money. The millions we are giving the millionaires would sure be nice about now!


Not to mention that The Sonics have asked that the tax stream they get the money from what used to go to Arts funding go mostly to them. Screw the artists and school kids, some millionaires need better individual hot tubs for their post-practice muscle rubs.